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Situated between Berlin and Dresden, Schloss Greifenhain is set in 15,000 square meters (about 130,000 square feet) of magnificent natural and peaceful space. 
Build in 1780, we named our hotel after the village in wich it is situated.
By virtue of the agreeable climate it is a perfect place to escape from the rigours of daily life, an environment where you can relax and be yourself.

The atmosfhere is very free, you will be able to meet and enjoy the company of other like-minded people.


Where can you find us?

Near the borders of Spreewald and Saksen, this area is economically, culturally and historically one of the richest parts of Germany.

It was in Leipzig that the re-unification of East and West Germany, "Die Wende," began in 1989. The city of Dresden has, with justification, been called  "The Florence of the Elbe", due to its wonderful architecture, many museums and art galleries. Berlin, now a days, "maincity" of europe.

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Who are we?

Yvette is from Belgium, Anne is a native of Friesland, a province of The Netherlands. Together they see the Schloss Greifenhain as the realisation of a dream, the oportunity to offer their clientele hospitality of the highest order. Yvette has spent her entire adult life in catering, achieving a high level of skill and artistry in fine cuisine - if you enjoy good food, expertly prepared and served, you will not be disappointed.

Anne is a "nuts-and-bolts" man with considerable experience in many areas of expertise, including mechanical repair and service, and building work. His skills will ensure that the Schloss is prepared and maintained to very high standards.

Belgian hospitality and fine cuisine coupled with Friesian reliability and inventiveness, a solid combination of skills and talents - between them, Anne and yvette will ensure that your stay will be a happy and rewarding experience.

Our Aims

Schloss Greifenhain contains, in addition to Anne and Yvette`s private quarters, a number of guest rooms, each with its own bathroom. The rooms are "themed" and variously priced, the "Bridal Suite", with its own balcony above the main entrance, being  "top of the bill."  Yvette is serving her guests a variety of exellent cuisine, including, of course, German specialities. It is our desire, and intention, to make the Schloss Greifenhain a by-word for good taste and quality, requirements or requests, we will do our very best to accommodate you. In short, for those with taste and style, an enjoyment of what life has to offer, an open enquiring mind, and a willingness to try new and different experiences, but with a respect for the differing ways and opinions of others, the Schloss Greifenhain is a rewarding experience. It is our most sincere wish that your stay will be sufficiently happy and enjoyable that you will want to return.


We still have a lot of work to do to make the Schloss as we want it, but this is what we have achieved so far. Our entrance hall greets you with it`s beautiful, restored antique-painted, vaulted ceiling. The reception room is something of a multi-purpose area, combining a visitors restaurant, the guests` dining room, breakfast room and recreation room - it is a tasteful mix of old and new, yesterday and today. Heated by a beautiful, old but very efficient tiled, wood-burning stove, a cosy ambiance is ensured, comfortable sofas and candlelight complete the picture, creating an intimate, relaxing atmosphere - the ideal environment in which to shed your everyday problems. The spacious room has pictures and sculptures, and the up-to-date addition of an internet connection. Large windows look out onto the extensive garden. We currently have two guest bedrooms, downstairs, ready; beautifully decorated and very comfortable, with under-floor heating. They share a very large, heated bathroom/toilet.  The other guestrooms, on the first floor, are prepared too.  In her kitchen, Yvette works her magic to bring you superb, delicious food, while Anne will keep your glass filled. In short,  your stay at Schloss Greifenhain will be both exciting and relaxing,  you can be yourself,  live your fantasies - in the company of sympathetic,  like-minded people.    A little slice of Heaven on Earth!

Verjaardagcadeau voor Yvette (10-10-2006), oude foto`s van het slot, gekregen van de buurman Rudiger Krause